Saturday, November 12, 2011

Removing excess hair safely

You can safely tweeze, wax, or shave any unwanted hair, but limit your use of topical hair-removal creams or lotions that claim to slow hair growth. Small amounts of these products can be absorbed into your skin and their safety hasn't been well studied during pregnancy. As for permanent hair-removal techniques — laser and electrolysis — these procedures appear to be safe during pregnancy, but they can be quite painful and expensive. You may decide that you already have enough discomfort to deal with during pregnancy and the expense may not be worth it since most of this new hair will disappear three to six months after your baby's born. Read more

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  1. Shaving or waxing are the oldest hair removal methods invented by the ancient Egyptians. Back then, these treatments were considered very effective, but now after laser hair removal was invented things changed.

    Laser hair removal is the only solution that can provide long lasting results with minimum effort. Electrolysis has similar results but unfortunately such an experience is very painful...

    Julia, Skin Vitality Complaints